Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse Chandra Grahan June 2011 today

Lunar Eclipse orChandra Grahan is today on 15th June 2011 and 16th June 2011.
You can see Sun and moon overlapping each other and as per the astrology many precautions you have to take care of. Be careful of the Do's and Donot's.
Tminings are below.

Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan Timings in UK,United Kingdom, London, Birmingham are from 7.23 PM to 11.02 PM.

Mumbai-  From 11.53PM on 15th June 2011 to 3.32 AM on 16th June 2011
The timings are same for all other cities in Orissa and India which includes maharashtra, Pune, Gujarat, Bhubaneswar, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Bangalore, karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and all other places.

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